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photo from "The Happy Hits" RCA LSP-2926

    Dick Schory

Dick Schory (also known as Richard Schory) was first and foremost a percussionist. He received an education geared toward the symphony. Indeed, he appeared with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. However, he was also doing jazz, pop and experimental music.

Schory's influence on both classical and pop percussionists was enormous. As education director for Ludwig Drum Company, he had the opportunity to reach out to schools across the nation providing not only products but an attitude that influenced high school students and opened employment prospects for them. His various conglomerations of musicians allowed many potential writers and performers to get experience and simultaneously broadening the percussion literature.

Many of the people who started with Schory eventually took to the recording studios and concerts hall with their own ensembles: Bobby Christian, Russ Case, Gary Burton, Phil Kraus, Irwin Kostal and Mike Simpson among many.

His popularizing of percussion music in 1957 paved the way for an entire movement in pop music in the late 50's and early 60's that lasted through 1969.

    Mister Smooth's Dick Schory Discography

All dated LPs except the last are in the Mr. Smooth Collection

  • 1957 Re-Percussion, Concert Disc CS 21
  • 1958 Music for BANG, baa-rOOM AND HARP, RCA LSP 1866 (formerly schbbb schbbt)
  • 1960 PERCUSSION! From Melody To Madness--Music to Break Any Mood, RCA LSP-2125
  • Wild Percussion and Horns A'Plenty, RCA LSP 2289
  • 1961 Runnin' Wild, RCA Stereo Action LSA 2306
  • 1961 Stereo Action Goes Broadway, RCA Stereo Action LSA 2382
  • 1962 Holiday for Percussion, RCA Stereo Action LSA 2485, LPM 2485
  • Supercussion, RCA LSP-2613
  • Politely Percussive, RCA LSP-2738
  • 1964 On Tour, RCA LSP-2806
  • 1964 Happy Hits, RCA LSP-2926
  • Roar of the Greasepaint, RCA Victor LSP-3394
  • Movin' On, Ovation OV-14-03
  • Carnegie Hall (live), Ovation OV-14-10-2
  • 1976 Resurrection

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